Wednesday 2 January 2013

The Entourage: Pookie Chick 'Vee' the Golden Princess

Guggi & Pookie7

 This is  first daughter Vee - first offspring creature feature member. I wrote about Vee in my post title Venus.  As you can see from my sketch above Vee is a Meerkat lover. Sometime ago I sent her a text:
 Me: What's your favourite animal?
Vee: Mia Cat
Me: ?I think you mean Meerkat?
The Meerkat is perfect for Vee - being a sociable animal they hang around in tight knit groups, are intensely loyal, organised and always have one member on 'look-out'. This pretty much describes Vee. As an Events Manager for Colosoul Magazine she is so efficient, loyal and organised at her job and everybody elses that she was recently appointed Director. This pretty much means that between this, Uni and her other job at Vocational Training Services where she does P.A./P.R. her work ethics mean that she ends up working 7 days a week - yep, I suspect the stop at a cafe to get a bit of work done in a congenial setting would be involving the order of a vodka-valium-double-latte - well at least if was her it would ;-)
 Although she rarely has time with her hectic work schedule Vee can be a bit of a 'Book-Muncher' - she eats them for breakfast and by lunchtime she's onto the next one. These days however between Colosoul, Uni and VTS she usually just collapses at the end of the day (read 8pm) to a film and a glass of Proseco (Dulce - for Vee), that bubbly quaffed in Gossip Girl produced in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions of Italy.
 At any given opportunity Vee turns into a real life Botticeli Venus and heads for the sea. At least living on the western seabord of Australia there are real waves to be had, unlike the fake ones we have in Far North Queensland (FNQ), even if one does have to maintain vigilant shark watch for those bothersome Great Whites or fend off Tiger sharks in hordes as they go wild in a feeding frenzy over a dead porpoise like one poor surfer recently did. Vee like the rest of our family is an advanced diver and though we love nothing better than to dive with sharks, the Great White of Western Australia does have a slight deterrent factor. 
Tomorrow the next member of my creature feature bizzare entourage is unveiled - til then my little sweethearts with love from Princess Snapperhead Guggilaba xxx

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