Thursday 3 January 2013

The Entourage: Indi-Pinds

Guggi & Pinds

For my second offspring creature feature let me introduce the Cat girl. Second daughter Indi-Pinds is obsessed with Cats. That’s right, you have to give the word a capital just to mark its importance. She even exhibits certain cat-like characteristics: she purrs like a cat, lulling you into a partial somnolence before whipping out her cat-claw sharp wit whilst spouting Grinch quotes. She’s also inclined to pussyfoot around in impossible places just to capture the purfect shot – yes she’s a photographer of ambience and mood. Anything catastrophic, cataclysmic, catatonic or impawtant enough to be catalogued. Pinds is also a bit of Listographer freak. Last year she ran a list project showcasing a photo from each of the 365 days of the year called image365.
At the moment she’s stalking around Europe using London as her base on an extended ‘Gap Year’.  Pinds works in a funky cafĂ©/bar that plays vinyl records and has themed  60’s, 70’s, & 80’s rooms which is right up her alley-cat. Pinds is very creative in a Ginsberg/Warhol sense so London is  ameowsingly stimulating for her.  She’s share-housing with 13 other mere mortals who have to adjust to the Cat in their midst. As a picnic lover I’m pleased to report she maintains the family tradition of picnicking in old cemeteries – the ancient headstones have such atmosphere and are so interesting to read don’t you think? (Yes we might be slightly influenced by the Addams Family) Sometimes she misses the sunshine of tropical Cairns and declares (think Grinch voice here) that she hate, hate, hate, double hate, loathes entirely the gloominess that can settle over London so I have to remind her it’s not 7.30, time for pity and self-loathing and besides, she has an appointment – dinner with herself, she can’t possibly cancel again!
Well, til tomorrow my sweetlings in which the double-trouble creature feature  makes an appearance – love Princess Snapperhead xxx

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