Saturday 5 January 2013

The Entourage: Mini Boo with Monkey Buns

Monkey Buns Mini Boo & Guggi
Third daughter and twin to young son is that grumpy little monkey & Miss Contrary, Monkey Buns Mini Boo. Like ThinkGeek says sh'e packed with extreme monkey powered awesomeness. I’ve drawn her in her Monkey Buns looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but you see her swishing her monkey tail grumpily. This is because she’s really annoyed that someone not only moved her cheese but would have touched it to do so. This means it’s contaminated and now she can’t possibly eat it like any other normal mortal would.
Mini Boo is a keen cook, and particularly keen on baking cupcakes. She’s also a tiny bit OCD about how things should be done – one misstep and it’s fatal, the whole project could easily end up in the bin! She would probably make a brilliant pharmacist with her exacting measurements and procedures and in fact has always been an A student at math and science, however in a bizzare turn of events it looks as though she won’t be doing any science in her final 2 years choosing instead to do 2 business units (admittedly she always been very interested in business which is a great novelty in our family and as this will probably satisfy her innate need for Supreme Monkey Control is probably a perfect fit) She’s also doing cooking (well technically Home Economics but we'll ignore the minor sewing component) which is just as well because her dream of the monkey moment is to set up a cafĂ© and bake monkey cakes. She’s recently converted to Paleo eating so she will probably have to invent entirely new recipes for her cupcakes from coconut or banana flour (how appropriate as a monkey!) and maple syrup. She also wants to do Film & Television – she’s very good in front of the camera too - and has started running her own YouTube channel but we – the inner creature feature sanctum – are not allowed to know what it is. Personally I expect her to be the next Nigella Lawson of Paleo Monkey cakes & Monkey Buns. Another thing we're not allowed to view is her online fiction novel she's writing - she's actually an extrordinarily perceptive writer - she posts a hapter every so often, has to date written 8 chapters and had 4000 views! Sneaky little monkey.
Mini Boo thinks of the strangest things. Last night we were watching a Bond film of course, Moonraker, and she said:
‘I’d like to go into space and have a basket of chips (French Fries) that would float in the zero-gravity and then swim through the air catching  them with my mouth’
She has an unusual sense of humour and is very good at doing impersonations. On a recent Kayaking expedition with her twinnie she filmed herself aping Bear Grylls - it was completely hysterical, but that’s what you get with a Mini Boo packed with extreme monkey-powered awesomeness.

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