Sunday 2 September 2012

A Grandparent at 37! by Guest Blogger Stepmother Kay

The first evening I went out on a date with Princess Snapperheads dad Mike, was to the bohemian town of Fremantle, renowned for its eclectic markets. I suggested to Mike he should have a Tarot reading at the markets (always good to get a second opinion).
Meeting Mike after the reading he looked quite stunned. My first thought was, “well, that didn’t go well for us”“there will always be a young blonde woman in your lives”.
I look at him thinking he’s pulling my leg, but NO, he’s serious. Who could this be?
AAHH, maybe your daughter ------ Dorit.
(Now I know where Dorit just sometimes gets her foggy thinking from)

Dorit was and certainly is a part of our family.

The first year, and myself being quite ‘staid’ as were Rae and Kevin, thought some of her antics rather bizarre to say the least. Kevin always had a saying for D (as we call her) no matter what colour you dye your hair you shall always be blonde. (referring to the blonde jokes).
1991, Dorit meets and gets sort of involved with a certain young man named Russell.

In winter that year as Mike and I walk in from work, Dorit is laying on the carpet watching TV, as I walk by, and is her habit, she just says to me what do you think of an older woman and younger man together?
Steps stop, I turn, Hmm maybe Russell, Yes. Honestly my reply went something like this “I don’t think you’ll get anyone better”.

Later 1991, over dinner Dorit announces to us: “Russell and I are going on a bike ride over east, and we leave on the train on the 31st. December”.
My first staid reaction, are they crazy and its dangerous. However Danger has never stopped D.
That night in bed I said to Mike if they go on that ride, Dorit will come home pregnant. How do you know he says? I JUST DO. AND SHE DID. 
There I was, 37 and a grandparent or 'Nanny' as my now many grandkids call me!'

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