Tuesday 18 March 2014

Lucid dreaming - Counting Fingers- four, five or six?

Four fingers or five?
Four fingers or five?
I had the strangest lucid dream the other night. It reminded me of my post 'Counting Your Fingers in Dreams'
In this dream I was somewhere in Russia, standing by an icy lake. Snow swirled around  rendering everything into shades of black and white. My friend Deb was standing in front of me, wrapped up in a huge black coat, showing me her red gloves.
'I decided to get the operation!', she told me excitedly.
'What operation?' I asked cautiously.
'I decided to have my sixth finger removed so I had it done yesterday, but then I thought - You know what? If your going to do it you might as well do it properly! So I had two fingers removed. Now I've just got four fingers and nothing gets in the way anymore - plus it makes shopping so much easier, I don't have to get my gloves tailor made. It's sooo much better like this!'
At which she held up her gloved hands and wiggled her fingers in the air at me.
'But Deb,' I said, counting her fingers, 'You've still got five fingers'.
I counted five.
'No I don't,' she said and wiggled her fingers again and counted them. 'One, two, three, four! See!'
I quickly recounted her fingers.
"No Deb, you definitely have five fingers!'
No matter how many times we both counted her fingers, she counted four and I counted five. The really weird thing was that when I then looked at her red gloves and counted the number of fingers I counted six!
I woke up, distressed because I knew that you aren't supposed to be able to count five fingers properly in dreams. And what was the meaning of the red gloves with six fingers? I was terribly confused! Please let me know if you've had any dreams where you've tried to count fingers.

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